With Riccardo Pariboni in Sienna. 2022.

With Louis-Philippe Rochon in Madrid. 2022

With José Manuel Naredo in Madrid. 2022.

With Carles Manera and Ferran Portella-Carbó in La Habana. 2020.

With Nil in Lloseta (Mallorca). 2021.

With Ferran Portella-Carbó and Gonçal López-Nadal in La Habana. 2020.

With Jordi Catalan at the Guggenheim (Bilbao). 2022

With the whole gang in Bilbao. 2022

At the University of La Habana. 2020

With Carles Manera in Palma. 2022

With Andrés Lazzarini in Mallorca. 2023

With Ricardo Summa and Nathalie Marins in Mallorca. 2022

With Jesús Felipe in Madrid. 2023

With Jose A. Miranda-Encarnación and Alba Roldán in Alicante. 2023

With Riccardo Pariboni & Louis-Phillipe Rochon in Rome. 2024

With Davide Romaniello in Rome. 2024